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  • Zhejiang • Wenling city home suye co., LTD,Is the Chinese model of plastic household branch,Members,Domestic plastic sanitation trash can,Receive a box,The infant child the tub,One of the major manufacturers and other plastic products,A20For many years,Research and development,Experience in the production of plastic products,The three registered brand,Peach blossom,Trillions,Xi bubbles,Has been rated as excellent brand of zhejiang province,Depth of the trust of users,And the high praise。

    The company produces plastic sanitation trash can,Simple and elegant,Environmental protection and durable,Is the best choice for fashion and environmental protection,Production of household plastic products design,Elegant style,Tonal and downy,Good quality,The price is reasonable,Everywhere is equipped with distribution points,And exports,Europe and Asia,And all over the world,The quality and service,Is our eternal commitment。

  • Enterprise culture is the employee“Spiritual sustenance”,Is to boost confidence in the team“Power and prestige gongs”,We plowed“The lighthouse torch”。 Give full play to the enterprise culture“Adhesives、The catalyst、Lubricant”Role,Activate the cultural development“A of water”,Can melt the development of the enterprise“Layer upon layer of ice”。

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